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Are You and Your Team Leading Your Business?

Your business has grown and you are excited by the possibilities for the future. The team is working well and the structures for further development are in place. Success has been achieved. However, you feel that something is missing and this is preventing you from achieving the scale you know is possible. In taking the business to the next level, you don’t feel in complete control and you know that growth will be determined by the willingness of your team to really engage and develop their own habits of high performance. You fully understand that greater profit and productivity will come from overcoming these particular barriers to growth and you are now looking for strategies to accelerate the impact and influence your business can have. In essence, you want even greater control of your business so your life is fun.

This Event Will Guide You to Achieve Greater Personal and Business Control by Showing You;

  • The Four Keys to achieving Business Scale 
  • How to develop stronger leadership in your business 
  • The tools for improving your culture and creating genuine team engagement with your vision 
  • How to have more energy, be more proactive and have a greater impact 
  • The mindset needed for high performance 
  • How to achieve lasting transformational change in your business and personal life are now looking for strategies to accelerate the impact and influence your business can have. In essence, you want even greater control of your business so your life is fun.

Pam works with my management team and she definitely adds value.

Aran Curry Insight Group

Lever One - Learning the four paths to achieving business scale 

  • How to align and engage your team with your vision 
  • The immediate steps to achieve greater productivity, profit and sustainability 
  • How to ensure your team is more focused and accountable for their success 
  • The common characteristics of businesses which achieve scale and high growth  

Pam has made me much stronger and more positive. She's just great at what she does.

Tricia Martin Rental Insight Group

Lever Two - The characteristics of transformational leadership and how to apply these

  • The characteristics of great leaders (based on studies of over 26,000 leaders) 
  • The sixteen leadership competencies which separate the best from the rest 
  • The leadership ‘fatal flaws’ that must be fixed  


We have seen significant benefits in what Pam has brought to our business.

Graham Beal Hobson and Porter

Lever Three - Understanding the path to maximum employee engagement

  • The twelve pillars of outstanding employee engagement 
  • The five dysfunctions that must be avoided in any team 
  • How you can track the percentage level of employee engagement  

Pam has helped us all as individual managers in the business.

Richard Fussey  

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Lever Four - The keys to greater energy, productivity and proactivity

  • Understanding why only 10% of high achievers are authentically happy 
  • How to find your ‘Genius Zone’ and be working in your flow 
  • The steps to reducing energy drains and increasing energy gains  


Pam has really helped me to focus on my business and personal development.

Linda Hoyland Vitality  

Lever Five - Learning the mindset tools used by the great business leaders

  • Receive a complimentary copy of a book by the worlds number one high-performance coach and gain access to your free professional performance assessment tool
  • Free 1:1 Strategy session

Lever Six - Understand what is preventing you from achieving lasting transformational change

  • How to gain real personal power
  • How to raise your ambitions
  • How to choose real priorities

Will you seek to move to the next level and join that elite group of business owners who have created a shared vision and a leadership ethos which gives them absolute control over every aspect of their business? I will not promise that it will be easy, but I will promise that you can have the time to control your business whilst forging a team which is highly engaged. This will enable your business to build predictable profit, whilst allowing you to do the fun stuff. With increased clarity will come a feeling that you are now able to live your life proactively and a sense of pride that you have been able to create what so many cannot; a business which can work without you but that you are fully in control of.

About the Speaker - Pam Featherstone

I have a simple aim; to enable and inspire people to have the life and the business they deserve and to get closer to where they want to be. Over the last thirty years I have learned the importance of working harder on yourself than you do on your business in order to achieve personal and business success. As a world number one business coach, I work with highly successful business owners and their teams who have a deep commitment to becoming the best version of themselves. The people I work with believe that I am able to inspire them. More importantly they feel that I am able to give them ways to create a lasting transformational change in themselves in order to enable them to become the person they want to be. My approach is not for everyone. However, if you are determined to grow and move to your next level; if you want to live the life the way that you desire, surrounded by the people you love, then it would be fantastic to see you at this event. 

What’s included with this free strategy session?

A Free Employee Engagement Calculator Tool

A Free Senior Team Effectiveness Analyser 

A Free Weekly Planner to gain more control

Venue and Time 

C4Di @ The Dock, 31-38 Queen Street, Hull, HU1 1UU

9.00am - 12.00pm Followed by Hot/Cold Buffet Lunch